Keeping it PC


Cheers to many years ahead!


As we begin the new year and plan for where we are going, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge 2023, and where we’ve been. After more than a decade in business, it is only natural to experience moments of change. Sometimes that change comes in the form of simple waves, and other times, it presents itself as a powerful surge. Regardless, change always offers opportunities for growth, learning and transformation.

And, wow, did we experience all of that last year. And while change has been a rampant theme for us, we’ve never waivered from our dedicated efforts to do great work, and make positive impacts for our clients, and in communities throughout the state.

We are proudly the fourth largest PR firm in Sacramento, one of the largest minority-owned and woman-owned businesses, and still one of the only firms in the state solely dedicated to working with public sector clients. Our success is at the heart of what we do.  Our dedication to building social impact and behavior change campaigns, paired with a true passion for helping underserved communities, has made us who we are – who we were always meant to be.

Last year, our team doubled in size. And while growth of that magnitude is often wrought with growing pains, I am infinitely proud that our team continues to stay true to its dedication to the business, the work that we do, and the culture that we’ve fostered since day one – when I started this “little” PR firm at my dining room table. We are a mid-size agency now, 21 strong – and with an even stronger ability now to keep helping our clients make an impact on important issues throughout California. As our team continues to grow, so do our service capabilities – most recently, adding bandwidth to our multicultural, creative and media teams.

And while 2023 – and the nine years before it – have been amazing, we know the future still holds so much more for us, and the amazing people we work for, and with. We look forward to another year (and many more) of working with our clients, partners, vendors and friends to continue to make a difference in the lives of so many Californians. Thank you all for being an integral part of our success.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

Did you know we are certifiably amazing?


Well, we are … certified, anyway. In the competitive business environment, establishing credibility and showcasing qualifications is crucial. Our Prosio Communications team understands this, and proudly shares that we are a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Our certifications affirm our commitment to quality service, social responsibility, diversity, and allow us to offer an advantage in the competitive bid space.

Why Do These Certifications Matter to You?

These certifications attest to our ability to deliver top-quality PR and outreach services to our clients as well as our business partners. As a certified small and disadvantaged business, we can help you tap into exclusive government contracts. By working with us, you also support a business that understands and promotes Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) opportunities.

Why Choose Prosio Communications?

While our certifications give us an edge, it’s our passion for communication and deep understanding of public outreach and public sector work that truly sets us apart:

  • Experience: We bring years of experience to the table, ensuring we deliver top-notch services.
  • Expertise: Our team is comprised of skilled professionals who are well-versed in the dynamics of effective communication.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Our impressive portfolio speaks volumes about our ability to handle projects of varying complexities.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you, and together, create robust and diverse campaigns that benefit the State of California.

We Celebrated Our 10th Anniversary With A Little Nip/Tuck, Prosio Communications Just Got A Digital Makeover!

In the ever-changing world of technology, we understand that it’s crucial to stay at the forefront of innovation. Part of that is ensuring our digital presence reflects the creativity, professionalism, and passion we bring to our work every day. As our commitment to staying fresh and relevant, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our completely revamped website!

Our new website serves as a hub, connecting us with our clients, potential clients, colleagues, and partners. It is a front-row view to our culture, as well as a platform that showcases our capabilities and our passion for the work we do. Plus, you get to know all of us personally and see some of what makes us who we are.

Whether you’re a long-standing client, a potential partner, or just curious, we invite you to explore our new digital home here.

Prosio Communications expands services and team


At Prosio Communications, we’ve always believed in the power of communication, innovation, and resilient growth. We’re excited to share that our firm is now entering a new phase of growth – a testimony to our unwavering dedication to delivering optimal results for our clients.

Bolstering our Creative and Graphic Design Team

Our creative team helps us bring our clients’ initiatives, ideas, and messages to life in the most compelling ways. We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our creative team and its services. Additional team members, new skillsets, and diverse creative thinking allow us even more capacity to deliver innovative, high-impact design work that promotes your messages and helps boost education and awareness campaigns in our communities.

Embracing Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI) and Multicultural Efforts

We believe in the power of diversity and the value of multicultural perspectives. This belief extends beyond our internal culture and into the services we offer. We are delighted to announce the widening of our diversity and multicultural services. Whether it’s a local community outreach campaign or a PR and media relations strategy, we are equipped to navigate the nuances of diverse cultures and communication styles, ensuring your message resonates with every audience you target. This growth means we can help our clients connect with broader audiences, effectively communicate their messages across cultures, and ultimately, shape more inclusive and equitable campaigns.

We don’t just dream big, we do big. We’re excited about the road ahead, and we’re committed to supporting our clients’ success, one campaign at a time.

Stay tuned for more updates as the year unfolds!

Experience, expertise, and commitment: Prosio Communications’ unique combination


It may sound trite, but we truly believe that Prosio Communications is not just another public relations and outreach firm. What differentiates us? The mere fact that our extensive experience with public and government agencies is unparalleled.

Working with public agencies can feel like trying to solve the world’s most convoluted maze, but we’ve made it a lot easier – for our clients and our partners. From advising on communication strategies and developing detailed work plans, to propelling public awareness campaigns, we’ve seen it all and done it all.

We’re trailblazers in creating effective communications programs that resonate with diverse audiences. Our years of hands-on experience have enhanced our ability to deliver outstanding results within the unique landscapes that these agencies represent.

Every campaign is a tale waiting to be told, and we are the master storytellers. We specialize in shaping these narratives, creating campaigns that are not just impactful, but also memorable. We draw on our extensive experience and deep understanding of audience needs to develop campaigns that hit the mark, every time. We believe in amplifying voices that often go unheard, creating campaigns that matter to everyday people.

So, what makes us so successful in working with government campaigns?

  • Expert knowledge of government infrastructure
  • A proven record of successful communication programs
  • Seasoned in developing successful campaigns
  • Proficient in creating impactful narratives
  • A deep understanding of audience needs
  • Expertise in diverse audience engagement and campaign development
  • Experience in managing complex projects
  • The ability to navigate socially sensitive topics
  • The ability to connect with people on a personal level

It’s this expertise and commitment that have made us a trusted partner for our clients. Click here for a full list of our capabilities and services we offer.