We’re a mid-sized, full-service public relations, marketing and outreach agency. Located in Roseville and rooted in the Sacramento region, we draw from our area’s innovative and synergetic culture in everything we do. We develop and execute public education and awareness campaigns for government agencies, and provide community outreach services for public works projects for civil engineering firms, delivering meaningful communication programs for all, creatively, concisely and cost effectively. With each client and every project, we believe in the power of skill, experience and curiosity to make a lasting impact on the right audience, in the right way, at the right time.

Make an impact

It’s what we do

Prosio Communications has grown from a one-woman agency to one of Sacramento’s largest full service PR and outreach agencies.  We have an ever-growing team of writers, grammar gurus, strategy experts, creatives and visionaries who remain committed to making a difference in the lives of Californians, every day – in our work, and in how we give back to our communities. We take complex information and make it sound simple – and we make that process look easy. Whether you are a city, county, special district, state or federal agency, another consultant who supports government agencies, or a private industry organization hoping to reach your stakeholders in a meaningful way, our team’s customized strategies are designed where one size doesn’t fit all, and will always make an impact.