“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!”

– Audrey Hepburn


Alma is a “can do, don’t sweat the small stuff” kind of girl. Since she was a child, Alma has always enjoyed planning events and helping out with worthy causes. Her ability to maintain calmness and grace, even in the most stressful of situations, ensures all projects get completed without a hitch.

Alma is a director who provides top-level community outreach, media relations, event planning, and partnership development services for the firm’s clients. Alma also leads the firm’s multicultural PR and outreach efforts, and routinely serves as a Spanish speaking spokesperson for clients.


Hometown: Nicolaus, CA

But I wish I could live: I love my little town, but I wouldn’t mind spending a year or two in Italy.

My professional superpower:  I’m a great note taker!

Dog or Cat: Neither…My son keeps me busy enough.

I wish it could be this holiday every day: Thanksgiving. I love the weather, the food, and the company during that time of year.

The “most-played” song on my iPod: Right now, I have “Lettin’ the Night Roll” by Justin Moore on repeat. I’m a huge fan of country music and my son loves to sing along to this song, so I’ve played it nonstop for him every morning on our way to school this week.

The best movie you’ve seen in the last six months: It was a rental, but I really enjoyed watching Zero Dark Thirty.

Your three favorite books of all time: My all-time favorites“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck, and “Oh, the places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss.

If I could dis-invent one thing, it would be: Hand dryers in restrooms. It would be a great concept if they actually worked!

I’m most proud of: My family, my friendships, my career, and taking chances.