FRANKIE WENSON Account Executive

“The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.”

 -Walt Whitman


Frankie is an account executive who provides support on a variety of projects and campaigns, including media relations, outreach, content writing, and creative. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Frankie previously gained years of marketing, writing and graphic design experience working for the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.


Name:  Frankie Wenson

Hometown: Rocklin, CA

But I wish I could live in: Italy. I would love to live abroad for a few years!

My professional superpower:  Being able to multi-task while still managing to stay organized.

Dog or Cat: 100000% dog! I have to stop and pet every dog I see. I love to know what people name their dogs and what their personalities are like. They are the best!

Favorite thing about my job: The amazing team! Everyone is so welcoming and makes you feel like you are right at home no matter how long you have been there.

I wish it could be this holiday every day: Halloween! The spookiest time of the year is the best time of year.

What was your favorite band in high school? My favorite band forever and always will be Fleetwood Mac. I was able to live my dream of seeing them perform live during their last tour in 2018.

What is your biggest office pet peeve? Lack of communication. I think having a strong base in communicating with a team is the key to success!

I’m most proud of: Graduating college and being able to work in the field that I got my degree in and be able to do what I love every day.