You could say we have a…passion for food, so it’s only natural that Thanksgiving would be one of our favorite holidays to celebrate in the office. Every year we host a “Friendsgiving” pot-luck style, and this year, the topic of discussion at the table was everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dish! Caution: the following post *may* cause extreme cravings.


Tyler: I have three, starting with my favorite: stuffing, mashed potatoes, and Grandma’s deviled eggs. Now I’m hungry!



Lindsay: The pie, of course! I’ll eat some “real” food first, but I’m all about the dessert. 😉



Jarid: My favorite Thanksgiving dish would have to be stuffing. I honestly could have a plate full of just stuffing – it’s that good!



JP: My favorite Thanksgiving food is the gravy, I rarely eat gravy, but on Thanksgiving I smother it on my Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and everything that’s on my plate.



Taylor: This isn’t a super traditional Thanksgiving dish, but every year I make some form of Mac & Cheese and that is always what I fill my plate…or plate(s) up with. 😉



Aaron: My favorite Thanksgiving dish is actually served the day *after* Thanksgiving: my dad’s Turkey, Mashed Potato, Stuffing, and Gravy sandwiches. Not only are they delicious, but my dad always makes them his special way, so they just feel like home.



Kari: Mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. As a chronic carb-watcher, Thanksgiving is the one day I will definitely eat the mashed potatoes and have a big old slab of pumpkin pie (with a TON of whipped cream, of course!)



Sarah: Stuffing!!! (Is that enough exclamation points to convey my love?) I could probably eat stuffing for every meal. We make ours with apples and cranberries, and it is so, so good. A close second would have to be cranberry sauce. Not the round jelly that comes out of the can, but homemade cranberry sauce. Okay, well I need to go make a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich.