One of the things we value most about our team is our wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Having a diverse team allows us to combine our individual talents and strengths to produce the best outcome for our clients. We all have multiple talents and skills, but most of us have something we’re REALLY great at. Since we have a lot of Marvel fans in the office, we decided to ask our team what their professional superpowers were. Here were some of our favorite answers:


JP: My super power is creating complimentary color schemes that make a design pop. I’m always working in the world of color and mixing a combination of various colors helps me keep a tone or evoke feelings from my designs.


Jarid: My organizational skills or attention to detail would be my professional superpower. I’ve been more hands-on with the paid media aspect for our clients and I believe those two superpowers really come in handy with ensuring all of the advertisements run within the correct mediums and as scheduled.


Tyler: I’m incredibly organized, almost to a fault. I have sticky notes for everything, I color code my time and notes, I have 2-3 different planners and calendars I use to keep track of upcoming projects and events, and I have to-do lists for my to-do lists. Most people would feel overwhelmed, but that’s just how I operate!


Aaron: I’d say it’s my creative approach to problem solving. I try to solve problems from all angles, and it helps me deal with the unexpected really well. The only downside is sometimes it means I end up with really elaborate solutions to simple problems!


Kari: Overall, writing is one of my strongest super powers. Coupled with grammar expertise and knowledge of AP Style, it’s the perfect trifecta of super powers. (I just need a shield and a sword.)


Lori: I can speed read. I’ve been able to do it since I was a kid. It allows me to be able to review documents quickly and accurately and stay on top of the mounds of trade and industry reading that crosses my desk every day – and I can finish a book for leisure in a couple of sittings, which makes vacation reading a breeze!