The Prosio Communications team has been hard at work for the last several months on a number of exciting projects with the Yuba Water Agency – including an agency rebrand!
Governed by a board of local elected officials, Yuba Water Agency is a stand-alone public agency that serves the people of Yuba County. The agency was established by a special act of the California State Legislature in 1959, and its primary missions are flood protection, water supply, fisheries protection and enhancement, hydroelectric generation and recreation.

Prosio Communications was hired in 2017 to lead a rebranding and outreach effort for the agency. The primary challenge of the rebranding was to ensure that the agency’s new image would be one that people could easily connect with and identify out of the sea of government agencies and organizations that people come into contact with on a daily basis.

Campaign activities included a community awareness survey; a series of visioning sessions with staff, board members and stakeholders; and individual interviews with key stakeholders and partners – all leading up to the development of a new brand/logo for the agency.

The agency’s new brand was finalized and launched this summer, and the PC team is now developing all of the materials and other items that go along with the new brand and logo – from letterhead and business cards, to building and vehicle signage. An awesome new video highlighting the agency’s past, present and future was also just completed – check it out at: