What are two things the members of Team PC simply couldn’t live without? That’s easy – coffee and PR, of course! In the spirit of two of our favorite things, we decided to take a fun little quiz (thanks to PR Daily) to find out what our coffee preference says about our PR personality. See the article here, and read on to see how the PC peeps measure up!

The espresso one with sugar:

Sarah:  “Dream big and work hard. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get started, but once I do, nothing can stop me!”

Lindsay: “So, I guess I’m ‘The espresso with one sugar.’ I also add milk, but that’s not in there… 😉 

The small black coffee:

Matt: “I think this one definitely represents me, although the black coffee is lacking sugar – like six packets of sugar! Getting excited and helping out is my modus operandi. If I can lend a hand, you can believe that’s where I’ll be!”

Dan: “I am a small black coffee. I’m up at 6am, I’m the first one in the office every day, I value my evenings and I require a solid 9 hours of sleep. I always drink my coffee black, but I’ll admit I like to replace my creamer with a pinch of nonsense because a little pinch of nonsense helps keep life interesting!”

Kari: “Let’s put it this way, some days I do more before coming in to the office than some people do in a day!  My evenings are definitely my mind and body’s recovery time – get it all done as soon as you can each day, and you don’t have to stress (too much) about tomorrow!”

Ronald: “I’ll take a head start any day of the week. Plus, I love the peaceful vigor that only the beginning of a new day can provide – it gives me a   chance to begin writing my ideal script in my head of how I would like my day to go, and prepare for the inevitable hiccup. I know once my day starts, there is no pumping the brakes – it is pedal to the metal!” 

The skinny venti no-foam latte:

Lori: “I like things to be clear cut and simple, without a lot of fluff.  Just give me what I need to know, and let’s get things done right the first time.”

Andrea: “I would probably fall into the skinny venti no-foam latte category. It sounds like the sweetest out of all of these. Plus, I hate the taste of coffee.”

Jessica:  “I care about the details, even the smallest ones. I try to help get things going and running smoothly and organized!”

The anti-Starbucks, mom-and-pop cuppa joe:

Aaron: I’m passionate, enthusiastic about what I do and how it can make a positive difference, and always looking to approach a problem from a new direction or angle.

Coffee from the bodega or the guy on the street:

No PC peeps in this category!

Tea, please:

Alma: “I feel that good, hard work speaks for itself. As long as that reflects well on my team or our clients, that’s good enough for me! 🙂 ”

Eden: “Although I have a HUGE coffee addiction, I think my PR personality’ is definitely ‘Tea, please.””

Linsey: “While my real-life beverage choice is coffee (All. Day. Long.) , my desire to do whatever it takes to make our team and clients happy definitely puts me into the ‘Tea, please’ category!”