1. What is your current Netflix addiction?

I’m definitely WAY behind … but I started watching The Office on Netflix and have quickly become OBSESSED! Anyone who has not watched The Office from beginning to end, needs to join my obsession. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

2. If your coworkers were to describe you in only one or two words, what would they say?

They would probably say coffee addict.

3. It’s Friday afternoon and you’re headed out of the office to grab lunch. Where are we most likely to find you?

Costa Vida, hands down!

4. What is one thing that can be found on your desk at any given time? 

Without a doubt, you’ll always be able to find my planner on my desk. I would be lost without it!

5. What is the best part about working in the PC office?

The people. Definitely. I love seeing my office family every day when I come to work.