The 22nd annual Spare The Air season kicked off earlier this month, which means the PC team has been busy working on one of our favorite client accounts, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (AQMD). This season we are going all out in an effort to promote the Sacramento Region Air Quality app, and to spread the word about new and exciting Spare The Air efforts. Check out some of the fun things we’ve been working on for this season!

  • Sacramento Region Air Quality app: To further the AQMD’s efforts to protect the community from harmful toxins in the air, we’ve ramped up promotion of the Sacramento Region Air Quality app. The app allows users to get up-to-the-minute air quality measurements and alerts at the tip of their fingers. See for yourself when you download it for free in your app store!
  • Community events: The team is staying extra busy preparing the official campaign mascot, Scooter, for his appearances around town. Scooter will be out and about all over the Sacramento region throughout the summer in an effort to promote clean air – make sure to check out Scooter’s Corner to see where he will be next!
  • Scooter’s Spare The Air League: To promote awareness about the health effects of air pollution on young outdoor athletes, Scooter is inviting youth sports teams to join his Spare The Air League. Coaches who agree to distribute family-friendly air quality materials to their players’ families will have their team entered for the chance to win a sponsored snack break from the Spare The Air team and a visit from Scooter during the season.

These are just a few of the AQMD’s latest happenings, so be sure to visit to learn more about our efforts. Check back soon for more updates on this exciting account!