With spring in full force, things seem to be moving just a little bit faster – especially here at PC. As PR pros, a fast-paced environment means it is extra important to stay organized and energized in order to produce the best work possible for clients.

For this week’s Five Things Friday, check out Kayla’s list of “must haves” that will make even the busiest of work weeks enjoyable:

My planner. Even though I sync my work email directly to my phone, having a planner to jot down reminders and notes throughout the day helps me stay structured. Nothing is worse than that feeling of being unorganized.

Exercise. I honestly couldn’t stress this enough! Exercising during the week keeps me happy both mentally and physically. Taking my dog for a run in the morning or afternoon is my go-to.

Coffee. As a working adult I have realized now more than ever how truly essential coffee is to my daily regimen. That caffeine boost gives me the strength to tackle the rest of my day. Plus, our office is made up of a bunch of Starbucks addicts – no shame in that!

PR Daily. While I drink my morning coffee I like to read up on the current news. I find it helps to get my brain ticking since I am definitely not a morning person!

Healthy snacks. It is important to fuel your body properly. Avoid mindlessly eating away at the office candy bowl by bringing nutritious and filling food to work. I am a big fan of avocados, protein bars and apples.

Do any of these fall onto your list of “must-haves”? Let us know a few of your go-to’s below!