It’s no secret that the holiday season is an opportune time for businesses to go the extra mile for their clients. From festive gifts to thoughtful tokens of appreciation, the end of the year marks the perfect time to show a client how much you care.

It’s not all about winning your clients over with gifts, though – especially during those remaining 11 months out of the year. Oftentimes it’s the day-to-day things that make clients feel the most appreciated. If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our five simple ways to let your clients know they’re one in a million – all year round.

  1. Abide by the Golden Rule. It may sound cliché, but the golden rule of treating others the way you’d like to be treated is a baseline for positive business-client relationships. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes when considering whether or not to answer that email, take initiative or throw in an extra “thank you.” Encourage staff members to do the same, and clients are sure to feel well taken care of – no matter whose hands they’re in.
  1. Follow up. Just wrapped up a major event for a client? Has a campaign finally come to a close? Don’t assume your work is done just because the actual labor is. Take a moment to follow up and thank them for allowing you to assist in their efforts. Letting a client know that you truly appreciate their business can do wonders in earning it back later.
  1. Go the extra mile. It’s likely safe to say that your clients have a choice when it comes to where they take their business, so identify opportunities to show them how glad you are that they’ve chosen yours. Whether it’s being proactive about ways to earn them more bang for their buck, treating them to an occasional lunch or simply checking in and remaining attentive, these small gestures will go a long way in showing you care.
  1. Don’t leave them hanging. Are you often guilty of the “I’ll reply when I have more time” thought process? While sometimes this may be necessary, make a habit of acknowledging client communication whenever possible. While you may not have time to look into a request right away, take two minutes to let them know it’s on your radar and you’ll be getting back to them with an answer. It’s a simple gesture that’s sure to leave clients feeling valued rather than forgotten.
  1. Be genuine. At the end of the day your clients are more than just the fuel to your business – they’re real people, too! Take a genuine interest in their likes and dislikes, favorite local spots or upcoming travel plans. Taking the time to get to know your clients beyond the work you’re providing for them is an easy – and fun – way to show that you truly care.

What’s your favorite way to show client appreciation? Drop us a line below to let us know!