In this week’s Five Things Friday, Ronald drops some project management knowledge with five tips that are sure to keep your projects flowing smooth, and your team shining bright. Take a look!


  1. Communication. Communication at every stage of a project is essential. With so many moving parts, a project’s focus can change in an instant – so employees must be able to adapt and make positive changes smoothly. Welcoming consistent opportunities for communication amongst your clients and team through regular staff check in’s and client calls will help keep your project on track, and help you successfully integrate client expectations and timelines.
  2. Quality over quantity. Make your project work, but never compromise quality. This is public relations 101. In the PR world, everything you do is an extension of your reputation, and an opportunity to reinforce your clients’ stories. Get an extra set of eyes on everything, and proof your work again and again. Taking the extra time to refine a skill or pull in the right personnel to get something done the right way will always save you time and heartache in the long run.
  3. Stay positive. Projects can become stressful, especially in a results-driven atmosphere. This makes both teamwork and a positive attitude key. Take a quick lap around the office, view a few kitten videos on Youtube, or leave your desk for a snack and come back ready to take on the world once again! It is important to take the time to keep yourself motivated and feeling positive in order to stay efficient.
  4. Organization. While you may wish you had the memory of an elephant, unfortunately, it’s likely that this may not be the case. Everyone makes errors from time to time and is bound to forget the important things, too – which is why organization is crucial. Make a list and check it twice! Your daily calendar will be your BFF, in addition to tracking and recording your progress and tasks. Being organized will not only keep your project on point, but will protect your sanity as well.
  5. Ask for help. Whether you are unsure about how to do something or simply don’t have enough time, ask for help. Even the smartest and most determined minds need some assistance from time to time. At the end of the day, those in the PR world all share the same goal – and that’s making clients happy. Asking for help will enable you to grow and learn from your colleagues – and who knows, maybe someday you can return the favor!