Last week, Linsey gave us the scoop on the five things that get her through the work week. Here is what made my list:

A weekly planner. A weekly planner is perfect for tracking your daily tasks down to the minute. Keeping track of your time will be valuable when it is time for billing and it will help you meet your deadlines, too.

Hand Sanitizer. It’s easy to get sick in the workplace! I keep the hand sanitizer close by and use it frequently.

Exercise. I keep my “Iron Arms” fitness product at my desk so I am reminded to stay active while at work.

Phone.  My phone updates me on everything throughout the day, and, in a crazy business like public relations, you never know where you will end up and what you will need it for Be prepared and always have your phone!

Caffeine. Whether it is a double shot of espresso or a giant Red Bull, caffeine is my BFF.

What are some things that get you through the work week? We’d love to hear!