The Prosio Communications office has been filled with holiday cheer lately! From listening to holiday tunes to excitedly discussing plans to visit family, we’re all undoubtedly in the Christmas spirit! The staff reveals the things they’re most looking forward to during the holidays:

“For years, my family tradition was to have Christmas Eve with our extended family, then go to the movies on Christmas day with my husband Mike – often we would catch two movies in the same day.  Now that we have two little kids, Christmas is way more about them.  We still spend time with family on Christmas Eve, but Christmas day is dedicated to opening presents with the kids, playing with their new stuff, and watching movies at home – preferably in our PJs all day.” – Lori

“My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas night! After we’ve spent time with our families (which I also love), we go to our friends’ house where we have prime rib, wine and watch B-rates horror movies! We all pick the character that we think is going to make it the longest. This year we are watching Sharknado 2…I already called Ian Ziering!” – Kari

“My favorite tradition is waking up on Christmas Eve morning and going to my husband’s parents’ house. My mother-in-law puts together the most incredible stockings for us and we get to feel like kids again! After the excitement of opening presents, we move on to mimosas and a delicious holiday breakfast. What’s not to love?” – Jennie

“I love Christmas Eve with my family–every year, we go to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and then go home to open gifts and watch Christmas movies. Elf and White Christmas always make the movie lineup!” – Lindsey

“My favorite Winter tradition is gathering with family to go look at Christmas lights. Walking the lit-up streets bundled up and with Starbucks in hand is the perfect way to kick off Christmas time! ” – Linsey

“My Tradition the last 25 years has been to drive up to Tahoe, pick up some family members then on to my brothers for a big Christmas Eve dinner with everyone. We always have a giant prime rib. He has a house up in the hills and when it’s snowing, it’s very festive. Then it’s back up to Tahoe on Christmas Day to spend with other members of the family and we cook turkey for that day. Some of us like to ski, if we have any energy left.  Its pretty exhausting but lots of fun! Oh, and somehow we always squeeze in Church.” – Chris

“Every Christmas Eve I take the wife and kids out for a Christmas Eve dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Growing up my parents would sometimes take us to this really great Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve and I promised myself that when I had my own little family that we would do this, too. My family loves it now, and yes, it is just like in the film The Christmas Story, minus the whole duck.” – Ronald