By now, you’ve definitely packed away your shorts and tanks tops, and you can finally wear your scarves, boots and cozy sweaters. But what type of winter outfits look best in the workplace?

The cold weather tends to push people toward attire that, while warm and weather-appropriate, is – er, not very flattering. We often associate “warm” with the dreaded fashion word “comfortable,” and sometimes “comfortable” means way-too-casual…which begs the question: should you wear it to the office? Well, this just in:  winter clothing can actually be fashionable and acceptable at the office. Now, let’s cozy up to some winter fashion tips (pun definitely intended), for some easy ways to stay classy and professional during the winter months.

For Women:

This outfit is winter fashion perfection! She chose a classic sweater and then added some pizazz with the pearl necklace. Her skirt is tailored and completely winter appropriate with the addition of the warm tights. The closed-toe booties complement the rest of the outfit, and the sophisticated jacket on her arm is perfect for when it gets a little chilly outside.

winter fashion

For Men:

Considering that men typically wear pants, long sleeve button-up shirts and suit jackets at work year round, we have to get more clever with winter attire. The ensemble below is a perfect choice for men: a neutral suit that is well-accented with a matching scarf and pea coat. It’s just enough to keep him comfortable and always looking his professional best.

men winter fashion

As you can see, it’s easy to keep a high-level of professionalism in the workplace without having to sacrifice cute for cold. These tips will help you stay trendy, while still being taken seriously by your co-workers. I often find myself turning to a good ol’ fashioned Pinterest session for outfit inspiration because it’s so much easier going into a store with ideas already in mind. Here are a few more winter workplace outfit ideas to help inspire you…

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