At the end of the day, there are few things better than a glass of wine (obviously) and a laugh-out-loud sitcom.  My personal go-to for a good dose of laughter is ABC’s Modern Family – which is no surprise considering it’s won five consecutive Emmys for Best Comedy.  If you’re as avid of a fan as I am – and shamelessly, I might add – perhaps you’ve discovered that believe it or not, this ‘modern family’ also offers some valuable lessons in the midst of their humorous antics.  Here are five career lessons that can be learned from the Modern Family cast:

1. Believe in yourself. (Basically, it’s okay to toot your own horn.)

If there’s one thing we know about Phil Dunphy, it’s that he is no stranger to competition.  As a successful real estate agent, Phil has encountered his fair share of cutthroat agents, who are always looking to steal his thunder.  No matter how often he must face those that are “out to get him,” Phil never loses an ounce of confidence – or hilarity – in his efforts to be the best. In his own unique way, Phil reminds us that success starts with believing in yourself, your talents, and your ability to conquer anything. (And of course, to not be afraid of a little embarrassment in the process.)

2. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

In the six seasons of Modern Family, Cameron (Cam) Tucker has dabbled in quite the list of careers.  Having tested out the waters as a clown, a drummer, a history teacher, and a football coach – among many other things – the flamboyant Cam is more than willing to try it all.  While it’s not to say that each of these ‘trial’ careers has gone off without a hitch, he wholeheartedly takes on each challenge with a positive attitude, and a drive to succeed. In the midst of these ever-evolving aspirations, Cam provides a valuable lesson in the importance of diving right in, and putting those encumbering fears to rest.

3. Know your priorities…and stick to them.

With Cam on a journey to find his place in the working world, his partner, Mitch Pritchett, knows that his career as a lawyer is essential for supporting their family of three. However, Mitch finds himself conflicted on many occasions, struggling to balance a demanding career with being a father to the pair’s young daughter.  In his (several) attempts to face his boss – requesting everything from weekends off, to a part-time schedule, to “permission” to quit – Mitch reminds us of the importance of understanding and establishing our priorities in life. If we don’t do this for ourselves, it’s likely someone else will gladly do so for us.

4. Never assume you’ve lost your business mojo. (It’s in there somewhere.)

As a loving wife and devoted mother, Claire Dunphy is the epitome of a dedicated stay-at-home mom.  I mean, if anyone is going to take a shot at keeping the Dunphy family of five in line, it should be this woman.  But when Claire gets the itch to reclaim her title as a businesswoman after nearly 20 years of absence, she proves that it’s never too late to get back into the game. Claire’s journey back into the business world illustrates that with a good support system, some extra dedication at the office, and the gift of maintaining some sanity through it all, rediscovering your business mojo may be less far-fetched than you think.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of good ol’ fashioned hard work.

It’s no secret that patriarch Jay Pritchett is the glue that holds this ‘modern family’ together. While Jay now leads what most would call a life of luxury – complete with a feisty Colombian wife who is many years his junior – none of this would have resulted without years of hard work and commitment.  As the owner of a successful closet-designing business, Jay’s lifetime of dedication reminds us that while nothing worth having comes easy, it does come with some good ol’ fashioned hard work.