Do you feel like you’ve run out of inspiration and ideas? If you need to be productive but can’t seem to get anything constructive done — whether it’s at work or in your personal life — consider my favorite go-to tips to help you pull yourself out of a rut and get going again. We’d also love to see your tips; please feel free to share your favorite methods in the comment section below!

  1. Take a break. I’ve found that taking a walk around the block, calling a friend to see what they’re up to, or even running down to my favorite coffee shop for a dose of caffeine always helps to ease my mind and mentally prepare me to tackle any task.
  1. Make a task list. Lists are one of my favorite ways to stay organized and feel accomplished. In this situation, my list always consists of the top three most important things that I need to get done in order to move on with my day. Checking them all off as I complete them always makes me feel more optimistic and in-control.



  1. Clean up. A neat and tidy work environment that’s free of distractions, always helps me get things done more quickly and efficiently. You can brighten up your own space with fresh flowers or a framed picture of a loved one to help cheer you up throughout the day.
  1. Do something different. If you’ve become a creature of habit, consider mixing up your day a bit. I like to wake up earlier than usual, try something different for lunch, or wear something colorful or out of the ordinary to make things a little more exciting. Changing just one little habit can breathe new life into your day.
  1. Go out to lunch. Going out to lunch with coworkers or friends helps to break up my day and gives me a boost of energy right when I need it the most.

Taking some of these tips into consideration will help you feel focused and passionate throughout the week. Don’t forget to share your favorite tips below.