Prosio Communications. Our home away from home—a place for work and for play, a place where we refer to our coworkers as our “work family.” While a lot of factors went into our decisions to join Lori in her mission to deliver innovative, meaningful campaigns, Kari, Alma and I all ultimately decided that Prosio Communications was the perfect fit for us for the same reasons. As we look to expand our team with two new members (you can get more info here), we hope that we’ll find people who value the same qualities in a company and employer as we do. If you’ve been looking for the following things in an employer, then we’ve been looking for you:

Company culture.  We work hard, we have fun, and we know how to balance the two. We’re a small, but mighty, team—we’re able to collaborate, hold each other accountable and, of course, enjoy a glass of wine together on our Teambuilding Thursdays. We value new ideas, believe in hard work, and hold ourselves to the highest of standards when it comes to working with clients.

Opportunities. It’s only been a year and already our company has grown from one person to a team of five, and we just won a three-year, multi-million statewide contract. We believe in growing as a team, while fostering each team member’s personal and professional growth. If you have a passion—whether it be for social media, media relations, or otherwise—it will be recognized and you will have the opportunity to explore it.

Amazing people. We believe that great work happens when people love what they do, but we also know that amazing work happens when you love the people you work with. We all share the same passion and drive for our work and our clients’ messages, a passion that lends itself to a cohesive and positive working environment. It’s not unusual for us to spend eight (or more) hours a day together but then still constantly text each other about the funny things that happen to us after the work day or on the weekends.

If you’ve been looking for a new job in Public Relations at a company that has these qualities, we want to meet you. Submit your resume to