31 05, 2019

How to Handle Internet Trolls

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Haters are Going to Hate…and the Trolls are Going to Comment.

The necessity of a veritable online existence and prolific social media presence is key to promoting your business’s services, but can also open you up to scrutiny and a bevy […]

23 05, 2019

What Is Media Buying and Why Use a Professional?

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Media buying is a pretty straightforward concept, but it’s difficult to explain to people when they ask what I do, because most of it takes place in the background. I might say, “Well, you know how people create ads and […]

22 02, 2019

Keeping Up With Team PC: Five Questions for Alma

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1. Describe your idea of a perfect day off.

Let’s be honest, it would be very unproductive: jammies + coffee + online shopping + lots of snacks + my favorite movie + a long nap.

2. Where was your first job?

I worked […]

20 02, 2019

Steps Companies Should Take Following a Crisis

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In a previous article, I highlighted the priorities of developing a crisis communication plan and the importance of being prepared in critical situations. As business owners and executives, it is always our hope that the plan serves only as a quiet […]