RYAN AFFLECKDigital & Social Media Coordinator

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”

– Bill Watterson


Ryan serves as the digital and social media coordinator for PC. Ryan is well-versed at all social media platforms and routinely develops plans that include strategy and engaging content. He regularly audits social media efforts to restructure plans and content as clients and projects evolve, as well as to introduce new social media vehicles to meet ongoing needs.


Hometown: Santa Rosa, California

But I wish I could live in: Auckland, New Zealand

My professional superpower:  Understanding the inner workings of the millennial mind.

Dog or Cat: Dogs every time, but some of the best cats are the ones who think they are dogs.

Favorite thing about my job: The variety of clients. It keeps things interesting.

I wish it could be this holiday every day: Halloween. Costumes are my jam!

What was your favorite band in high school? It was a tie between Smash Mouth and Queen.

What is your biggest office pet peeve? A break room without donuts.

I’m most proud of: My ability to connect with people.