JASMINE BALOutreach & Events Coordinator

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.”

– Dolly Parton


Jasmine is an Outreach and Events Coordinator.  Jasmine coordinates events and supports outreach efforts for various campaigns. While attending Chico State University she gained experience through her internships and work experience.


Hometown: Sacramento, CA

But I wish I could live in: Anywhere on the East Coast!

My professional superpower: Bringing positivity and problem-solving.

Dog or Cat: Both!! I’ve only had dogs, but I love how independent cats are!

Favorite thing about my job: I love that I can learn and develop new skills to better myself professionally. And of course, the team who made me feel comfortable the minute I walked in!

I wish it could be this holiday every day: Valentine’s Day! I love celebrating love! <3.

What was your favorite band in high school? Big Time Rush #rusherforlife

What is your biggest office pet peeve? I don’t have one!

I’m most proud of: Graduating college, having a great support system, and where I am currently in my professional and personal life!