If there’s one thing we can get behind, it’s holidays that involve spooky decorations, lots of candy, and fun costumes. We like to go all out at the office this time of year, and although we may be a bit too old for trick or treating, we’ll never be too old for Halloween traditions – like our annual office Boos! Here’s how team PC likes to spend Halloween:


JP: In recent years I have started a fun tradition where I carve a pumpkin on Halloween night at my kids and their cousins choosing. So far I have carved Pikachu, My little Pony (Rainbow Dash) and Batman.

Tyler: My favorite Halloween tradition is dressing up, I always try to stay in the Halloween spirit and wear a costume even if I’m just hanging out at home passing out candy that night. I love seeing how creative everyone else gets with their costumes, too!

Kari: getting together in our neighborhood for “walktails” and trick-or-treating!

Jarid: My favorite tradition is probably eating all the delicious candy – especially Kit Kats!

Lindsay: I’ve never been a really big Halloween or costume person, but it’s super fun to watch my kids get into it. Oh, and they get a TON of trick-or-treat candy, which they share with us! Haha…

Taylor: I never get many trick-or-treaters on my street, so I would have to say my favorite tradition would be watching a Halloween movie at home and eating a bunch of candy!

Noah: My favorite Halloween tradition is dressing up and spending time with friends.

Jen: Passing out candy and seeing all the awesome costumes.

Aaron: I have watched “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” every year for as long as I can remember. I know every joke, and still giggle at all of them, every time. I own a copy on DVD if you want to borrow it!

Sarah: Pumpkin carving and baking! We go to Apple Hill every year in October and I always make something with the fruit I bring home. Mmm pie!

Lori: Dinner with my in-laws and then we take turns handing out candy and taking my kids trick or treating – dad and grandpa take the kids first while I hand out candy with grandma, then we switch.  It’s fun for them to each spend time with the kids and see all of the other neighborhood kids in costumes, and I like that I can split time to hand out candy at my house, and take the kids out in the neighborhood, too.