The 24th annual Spare The Air season kicked off earlier this month, which means the PC team has been busy getting ready for the 2018 campaign! This season we are going all out in an effort to encourage Sacramento-area residents and businesses to do their part to help Spare The Air. After all, clean air is up to us! Here are just a few of the fun things we’ve been working on for this season:

  • Advertising: This year, we are introducing a new character, Sophia, in all of our campaign advertising. Sophia is a “kid genius” who helps Sacramento-area residents and businesses learn more about air pollution and how they can help prevent it. Sophia also happens to be good friends with our official Spare The Air mascot, Scooter the Spare The Air Dog. You’ll see both Sophia and Scooter featured on various informational items that have been created for this year’s campaign, as well.
  • Sacramento Region Air Quality app: To support AQMD’s ongoing efforts to protect the community from the harmful effects of ground-level ozone (smog), we’re continuing to promote the Sacramento Region Air Quality app. The app allows users to get the daily air quality forecast as well as Spare The Air and wildfire smoke alerts right at their fingertips. Check it out today – you can download it for free in your app store!
  • Community events: The team is filling out the calendar for Scooter’s many event appearances throughout Spare The Air season. Scooter will be out and about all over the Sacramento region this summer and early fall in an effort to promote clean air. Be sure to check out the events calendar on Scooter’s Corner to see where he will be next!

Visit to learn more about our other outreach efforts and the Spare The Air campaign. You can also order free Spare The Air informational materials for your community, customers or constituents.