It seems that many young professionals often become too comfortable in their new 9-5 lifestyle, and don’t take the opportunity to make a real impact in their community and more importantly, their career. If you’re a young professional that’s just starting out, consider professional development as self-care for your career.

One of the best ways to keep from falling prey to the pitfalls of routine and gain valuable professional skills at the same time, is to get involved. Serve on a nonprofit board as the resident millennial or take it up a notch and join a young professionals’ organization – perhaps affiliated with a local chamber of commerce. Here are three important skills to gain from serving on a board and getting involved:

Building your professional network

Joining a niche organization or serving on a board will allow you to extend your network by connecting you with people you wouldn’t normally come across in your day-to-day functions. You will have the opportunity to experience people from different industries and even different life backgrounds. The insight and possible mentorship you may gain will be invaluable.

Professional Development Skills

When you join a board, it is often because of what skills you may bring to the table for the needs of the nonprofit or group. However, just because you bring a certain set of skills, it does not mean you are required to use those skills only. Many boards allow you to pick what committee you might have interest in – this could be wildly opposite of what you do every day – giving you the opportunity to develop and utilize new skills.

Contribution to the Community

By becoming a part of an organization, nonprofit or not, you are contributing to your business community or your local community as a whole. You are provided a chance to be an instrumental part and give back. It can be a rewarding experience to see the impacts you are making on a community.

Give yourself and your career a jump-start by joining an organization or serving on a board, because at the very least you’ll gain new skills, but the possibilities are so much more. Curious about how to get involved as a young professional? Drop us a line!