In campaign work, authenticity is the name of the game. With the advent of social media and the fast-paced flow of information, anyone you interact with can be an ambassador for or against your campaign.

Fortunately, you have the power to choose the right ambassadors for your message when it comes time for some good ol’ grassroots outreach. Here are some tips to help you choose the right person for your campaign:

1. Make certain your representative has a firm understanding of the campaign so they can confidently answer any question they may encounter while out in public. A well-informed representative provides more opportunities for dialogue and adds credibility to your campaign.

2. Choose individuals who are energetic and outgoing. The more engaging your representative is, the more engaged the public will be.

3. A good smile counts! It may sound simple, but choosing someone who smiles will take your message a lot further than you’d expect. Smiling increases trust between individuals, and facilitates a bond between your ambassador and the person they are talking to.

4. Select an individual who has tough skin. Not everyone is receptive to every message and your representatives may need it to handle tough questions and unexpected situations.

5. Choose a representative who is socially adaptable. Each person they interact with is going to be different, meaning their communication will vary. Choosing someone who knows how and when to adapt could be crucial to pushing your campaign to the next level.

6. Ensure your campaign ambassador is a good listener. The art of reaching others, especially in campaign work, is meeting them where they are at in life. To be an effective advocate for your campaign, your representative will need to listen to what the public is saying in order to bridge the gap between the campaign message and their world view.

A campaign that has representatives espousing these qualities will give you a significant edge in your ability to reach the public in more ways than you thought possible. Need some more tips or have a few of your own? Drop us a line!