1. What is your current Netflix addiction?

I actually do not have a Netflix account. That being said, I still have a pretty awful TV addiction. The one show that I’ve watched from start to finish (8 seasons) more times than I can count is HBO’s “Entourage.”

2. If your coworkers could use one or two words to describe you, what would it be?

I think – well I hope – my coworkers would describe me as generous. I try to be as helpful to them as possible and I’m always willing to share my snacks and treats with them.

3. It’s Friday afternoon and you’re headed out of the office to grab lunch. Where are we most likely to find you?

You are most likely to find me at Sprouts Farmers Market, Dos Coyotes or Costa Vida.

4. What is one thing that can be found on your desk at any given time?

Toothpicks, aka my “adult pacifier.”

5. What is the best part about working in the PC office?

This is an easy one – our culture. What I love most about our team is that every single person in our office cares about each other. When I come to work every day I know there are 14 other people that are willing to help me succeed with my work, as well as help me succeed with life in general.