Whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, there’s always an opportunity to expand your skillset, knowledge and training. Lucky for you, we’ve laid out some of our favorite go-to resources for professional development, no matter what career path you’re on. Read on for a few simple tools to jumpstart your training.

LinkedIn – If you’re a professional in today’s world, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve utilized LinkedIn. While the social network has established itself as a leading resource for networking and job searching, some have yet to discover that it is equally as valuable in the realm of professional development. “LinkedIn Learning” offers thousands – yes, thousands – of online courses ranging from computer and program skills, to writing and marketing, and much, much more. The site also offers courses tailored to your own interests and industry-related topics. Considering you can get one month of trainings for absolutely no cost, I’d say that’s a no-brainer.

Lorman Education Services – If you’re a business owner looking to offer professional development opportunities for your staff members, the Lorman platform may be right up your alley. Utilizing a combination of live and on-demand webinar formats, Lorman offers trainings on virtually any and every topic. Whether you’re in real estate, marketing, finance, sales or any other industry, there’s sure to be a selection of training courses geared toward your business. Plus, the service offers multiple membership and pricing options based on staff size and frequency of program use, making it easy to customize for your own needs.

Local Chamber of Commerce – While webinars and other online opportunities are ideal for convenience purposes, carving out time for some face-to-face professional development can be equally – if not more – beneficial. To get started, check out your local Chamber of Commerce website.  Many chambers offer a variety of networking lunches, training events and mixers designed to bring local business professionals together.  Most are offered for just a small fee, and prices are typically discounted if you’re already a chamber member.

Make Use of Existing Resources – Sometimes the best learning opportunities can be found without spending a dime. If you’re part of a company, take advantage of the fact that each staff member brings their own unique skillset to the table. For instance, at PC, we recently implemented a monthly in-office training workshop led by one of our own team members. The topics are endless, and the workshops give our entire staff an opportunity to develop our professional skills – whether we’re taking notes or leading the rest of the team. Consider implementing a similar program within your own business – we don’t think you’ll regret it!

Which of these resources do you plan to utilize first? We’d love to hear about your favorites, so leave a comment below to let us know!