Name:  Aaron Samson

Title:  Account Executive

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

But I wish I could live in: The mountains!

Accounts You Work On:  Sutter Nursing, John C. Breckenridge Insurance, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

My professional superpower:  I’m a problem solver – I love coming up with creative solutions to hard problems.

Dog or Cat: Dog if I had to choose, but I love both.

Favorite thing about my job: I get to work on a lot of different kinds of projects, requiring a variety of different skills and mindsets.

Favorite Prosio Communications memory (so far): My first day! It was great to rejoin old coworkers and meet new ones.

My reason to get out of bed in the morning: My cat makes a compelling argument when he’s hungry.

I wish it could be this holiday every day: Halloween!

The “most-played” song on my iPod: Oh, this changes a lot, but Burn Down The Mission by Elton John is up there.

A celebrity who would play me in a movie would be: This is a question I’ve NEVER been able to answer – I don’t even remind anyone of any celebrities! If you have any ideas, let me know!

The best movie you’ve seen in the last six months: I was really late to this party, but I LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy.

Your three favorite books of all time: This is hard, but I would say East of Eden, The Electric Koolaid Acid Test, and Walden are the first that come to mind.

If I had to be a beverage, I’d be a: Glass of Martinelli’s apple cider, because I’d be sweet, everyone would like me, and I’d always be celebrating something!

If I could dis-invent one thing, it would be: The metering lights for onramps. I am NOT a fan.

I’m most proud of: My stories – I’ve been lucky to do a lot of living, from traveling the world to scaling mountains. Isn’t that what life is all about?