In this week’s Five Things Friday, Account Coordinator, Andrea, dishes on her must-haves for a successful week at the office. Get the inside scoop below!

Coffee: First thing’s first – coffee! It’s part of my routine every morning. It helps me start my day and gives me the energy I need. Usually I drink one cup in the morning and a second cup later in the afternoon.

My planner: When it comes to picking a planner, I can honestly say it takes me about a month to find the right fit. You could say I’m a little OCD, but this is how I keep my personal life and work life organized. The biggest thing about my planner – it’s color coordinated.

Notebook: I’ve always been a note-taker. Anytime I have a meeting or when I’m working on a task, I always take notes of all the important details. I also use my notebook for my “To-Do List,” which helps me stay organized throughout the day – as I finish each task, I cross it off my list.

Gym/Yoga: Exercise helps me release stress and stay healthy. For me, exercise ties in with part of my work essentials because when I work out before work it gives me energy to get my day started. It’s part of my routine and helps me stay calm when work gets hectic.

Spotify: I love music! I listen to music every day and it helps me in so many ways. My go-to station always depends on my mood and what I’m doing at the time, but a great station to listen to when writing or doing work tasks is Bonobo.

What are some of your essentials for a productive work week? Drop us a line and let us know!