Halloween is one of our favorite times at the PC office for many reasons. Of course, taking a trip down memory lane to reflect on the team’s best costumes is always one of the highlights. This year, we’re sharing some more of our favorite costumes or Halloween memories – check them out below!

“I was Buddy the Elf for Halloween when I worked for Raley’s. Bagging up groceries as an elf is truly fulfilling, especially if smiling truly is your favorite thing to do!” -Matt


“For me Halloween is the most magical time of year! As a craft addict, all my costumes must be sourced from a thrift store or made from scratch. Group costumes with a fun interactive component always lend themselves to a memorable Halloween party. One of my favorite costumes was an action news team. My sister and best friend joined me in the fun. Rebecca was the camera woman, I was sound with a fake boom mic and all…and the star of our show was my sister Alison, aka reporter Buffy Kerrington. We barged into the party and started interviewing party goers for a fake segment for ActionNews4 KHOT. It was a hit!” -Jayme


“Wonder Woman was one of my favorite costumes – my mom made it by hand. She cut out every star from felt, wrapped my bangles and even made boot covers for my boots because we couldn’t find red boots. I *almost* didn’t get to go trick or treating though, because I had a meltdown about having to wear the leotard underneath.” 🙂 -Kari


“My husband and I wore Dr. Seuss couples costumes one year –I went as the Cat in the Hat and Mike went as the doctor himself!” – Lori


“One of my favorite Halloween costumes was from two years ago when my boyfriend and I dressed up as LMFAO. I loved it because it was funny and since we had to wear wigs, I didn’t have to put much effort into getting ready. We shuffled the night away!” -Andrea


“Napoleon and Deb, circa 2008.” 🙂 -Lindsay


“Last year some friends and I dressed up as old ladies. My nightgown and slippers made it the comfiest costume EVER, but the best part was showing up to a club and taking over the dance floor with our canes all night!” – Linsey


“When I was little I loved dressing up in costume all year long, so when it came time for Halloween my costumes may have been a mix and match assortment of any combination. It seems in my photo I was going for a southern gypsy that year?!” -Eden


“My favorite Halloween memory – which was a yearly occurrence – was sneaking all of my favorite candy from the bowl at home into my trick-or-treat bag to ensure I got plenty of good stuff before I hit the streets.” -Dan


“Last year I dressed up as a Kings player – this one actually went down as a PC office favorite!” -Jonathan