In this week’s Five Things Friday, Account Supervisor, Alma, dishes on her must-haves for a successful week at the office. Get the inside scoop below!

1. Notebook – I’ve always been a compulsive note-taker so any time I have a meeting of any sort, I bring along my notebook to help me record all the important details. Having something to look back on later on always helps me ensure that I didn’t miss anything important.

2. Large handbag/work tote – I never like to be caught unprepared so you can always find me with either a large handbag or work tote that carries all of my essentials. At any given moment, that can include a water bottle, pens, a notebook, my phone, keys, wallet, a hairbrush, flats (often appreciated after long days in heels), breath mints, business cards, and the list goes on.

3. Mascara – Even during busy mornings when I don’t have much time to stop and get ready for the day like I would like to, I find that a few quick swipes of mascara makes me look alive and ready to face the day.

4. Coffee – I’m so thankful for the quick boosts of energy from the caffeine! Hot, iced, sweet, black, I drink it all.

5. Sticky Notes – These are my saving grace. I’m prone to jotting down quick reminders and putting them where I can’t miss them. If it’s on a sticky note, I know something is urgent and needs to be made a priority.

What are some of your essentials for a productive work week? Drop us a line and let us know!