In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of working in public relations, there are five staple must-haves that PC Account Coordinator Eden needs to get through any kind of work day. Check them out below!

Coffee: A big cup of coffee or two (okay, sometimes three!) in the morning is my best friend – hence why it’s number one on my list! Coffee in the morning puts me in a good mood and gets me ready to work.

My planner: I am very picky when it comes to picking out my planner (seriously, it could take me hours or even days before I can make a decision) because I use it as a tool to keep track of my time throughout the day, store my to-do lists, take notes in…it’s basically my lifeline.

Cell phone: Since I handle social media for PC and many of our clients, my cell phone is a HUGE must- have! I am constantly using it for social media, whether I’m taking photos, editing images, adding music to videos or posting on Instagram – it’s always within arm’s reach.

Music: Music is a great way for me to tune out the rest of the world (or office) when I need to really buckle down and get things done. If you see me sitting at my desk with my headphones in, you know it’s time for business!

Cozy sweater or blanket: Most offices are notorious for being freezing – the hotter the day, the colder the office – and ours is no exception. Let’s just say I always have a cozy sweater or fluffy blanket nearby for those scorching hot days outside!

Do any of these fall onto your list of office “must-haves”? Let us know a few of your go-to’s in a comment below!