With summer finally upon us, a few members of Team PC have decided to dish on their go-to vacation spots. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your upcoming travels, check out some of our favorite destinations below!

“The beach is my all-time favorite summer vacation spot. I love the crisp ocean air and the sound of the waves on the shore. I grew up in Pismo Beach, so I always feel at home with my feet in the hot sand. I love building sand castles with my kids and boogie boarding with my wife.” – Ronald

“Visiting my Dad at the beach in Santa Barbara is my favorite summer vacation spot! I’m happy anywhere I can be next to the water, sticking my toes in the sand and enjoying the fresh air.” – Jonathan

“Thousand Steps beach in the Laguna Beach area is by far my favorite place to vacation during the summer. The beach has a natural inland curve to it, which makes the waves roll in softly onto the sand.  The beach is never over-populated because you have to walk about a quarter-mile down a flight of stairs to reach it, and there is always a gentle breeze to cool you off during the day. Aside from the best tasting margaritas I’ve ever had, Thousand Steps beach is the perfect way to let your stress roll away with the waves.” – Matt

“My favorite vacation spot in the summer is Meeks Bay on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe. It’s a great area for kayaking or just hanging out on the beach, plus it’s close to trail heads that go into desolation wilderness.” – Chris

“For a weekend getaway, you’ll find me at my family’s cabin in Groveland, floating on the lake or having a brewski at the Iron Door Saloon*.

*Fun Fact: The Iron Door Saloon is the oldest continuously operated drinking establishment in California.” -Jayme

“My go-to vacation spots are Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the beautiful coast of British Columbia, Canada. Having family ties in both places makes it even better to travel to!” – Kayla

“The past couple summers I have gone with my family to different coastal spots in Mendocino County for a summer vacation. Being on the beach and escaping the summer heat is one of my favorite ways to vacation during the summer.” – Eden

“I love going up to South Lake Tahoe. That’s where my husband and I spent our honeymoon, and I love the picturesque, postcard views!” – Jessica

“My favorite summer vacation spot is Guerneville, CA. It’s a secluded, small town in the middle of the redwoods. No better place to go off the grid (while still having access to a Safeway)!” – Dan

“I try and head down to the beaches of Southern California at least once each summer.  Visiting friends, hitting the Santa Monica pier and soaking up the sun makes for the perfect go-to vacation!” – Linsey