Networking is a fundamental aspect of building professional relationships and creating a climate of opportunity. Step up your game and make a lasting impression at your next mixer with five of Ronald’s top networking tips:

Introduce yourself with some pizzazz. Let go of any nervous energy you may have, and instead focus on conveying enthusiasm through your introduction. Help yourself to feel prepared ahead of time by tailoring your elevator pitch to the networking event you’re attending. Deliver your introduction with warmth, keep it short and sweet and don’t be afraid to include something personal.

Listen. The ability to listen is arguably one of the most important components of establishing a valuable connection. Avoid dominating the conversation, and find opportunities to let the other party know you’re engaged by reiterating their points. In fact, try out this tactic from the get-go as a tool for remembering you’re new connection’s name. Repeating a new name right off the bat is a surefire way to help engrain in into your memory.

Be conscious of body language. Body language can be just as important as oral communication when it comes to face-to-face networking, so be mindful of things like gestures and posture. Remember to make eye contact and project your authentic-self. You are there to make connections and share ideas – go ahead and smile!

Maintain your focus. Networking events are oftentimes known for providing guests with access to copious amounts of food and drinks. While it should go without saying, be conscious of your consumption to avoid losing your focus and allure.

Follow up. One of the most important parts of networking is following up with potential leads. Put those business cards you’ve collected to use and send a sincere follow up to anyone who may be a valuable connection. Whether through a quick email, an invitation to connect on LinkedIn or even a handwritten note, be sure to let them know you enjoyed meeting them.

Do you have any surefire tips for networking success? Drop us a line and let us know!