If you haven’t already noticed, Instagram has implemented some major changes throughout the past year. The multi-million dollar app no longer limits users to the square crop, its explore tab and search bar have been updated, and it now allows advertising from many big-name brands. These changes are great in general, but most importantly, they’re great for business. Here are a few ways to utilize the Instagram updates for your company’s benefit:

Find and fill your feed with potential customers. The changes to the explore tab are particularly beneficial for finding potential customers to interact with. Every time you like a photo on a certain page, whether it be a gardening company or a fashion retailer, Instagram fills up your explore page with similar profiles and posts. With almost no effort, you can have a whole page of potential interactions and new followers.

Find your target market while using hashtags. This is one of the most important steps you can take on Instagram. Avoid using vague and popular hashtags, and instead opt for hashtags of local establishments, boutiques, cities, high schools or colleges. The more specific the better.

Interact outside your own page. One of the most effective ways to gain real followers (i.e. potential customers) is by commenting and interacting with those who resemble your ideal clientele. While this can be time consuming, it can also be easily done during a quick five minute break or between tasks. Select a hashtag that your audience is using, then “like” their last five posts, leave a brief comment under three of their posts and new followers are likely to be flocking to your page in no time.

Have fun with your Instagram account. Make sure that when new followers click on your page, it catches their attention. Maintaining a positive online image is crucial, but Instagram can provide the perfect platform for showcasing your brand in a fun, light-hearted way. Consider posting some behind-the-scenes – even goofy – photos to highlight what sets your company apart from the rest.

Give your Instagram followers what they want. Focus on monitoring your engagement to ensure that what you’re posting is resonating with your followers. It’s another simple but efficient way to become an Instagram pro.

Now get out there and put those Instagram skills to use! What tips would you add to this list? Let us know!