Things have been quite busy around the PC office. Between campaign launches, new clients and even an office move, we’re constantly kept on our toes. Thankfully however, there are a few essential items that can carry us through any hectic work week. Not to mention, they’re the ticket to making our jobs as PR pros even more fun!

Here’s what’s essential for Sarah’s work week:

Some good tunes. My trusty Spotify playlists – oh yes, I definitely have more than one to match my mood – help get the creativity flowing when I’m writing or working on a long project. It never hurts to have some tunes to make the work week easier – just don’t forget your headphones!

My planner. My Kate Spade planner is my lifeline. All of my appointments, deadlines, etc. are housed there and without it I would be lost.

Coffee. Also known as my best friend in the mornings. Iced, hot, espresso, any way you can make it, I’ll take it! Drinking it from one of my favorite mugs makes it taste that much better.

Did someone say Kate Spade office supplies? It’s official. My obsession with Kate Spade has made (read: pushed) its way into my office space – and I’m not complaining. My notebooks, file folders, stapler, etc. make my office space feel like a home away from home. Plus, who says office supplies can’t be functional AND cute? Organizing papers and jotting down to-do lists have never been more fun!

Headlines. Headlines. Headlines. As an avid reader, I can’t start my mornings without some type of news source – NPR, the Sacramento Bee, Huff Post, etc. I have to read or listen to the front page headlines before heading into the office. It’s just an added bonus that I make an excellent and well-read-on-current-affairs trivia partner!

What items are essential for your work week? We’d love to hear about your must-haves!