We feel pretty lucky to have Prosio Communications President/CEO, Lori Prosio, as our fearless leader. In recognition of National Boss’s Day, we thought today would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we admire most about Lori. Here’s what the team had to say!

“I admire Lori’s drive. She never stops and is always pushing forward.” – Dan

“I admire Lori’s ‘go-getter’ attitude. Anything she sets her mind to, she accomplishes. She is thoughtful, takes great care of the people she loves and works with, and is someone to look up to both professionally and personally.” – Jessica

“I admire Lori’s passion and determination that she brings to work each day. It is contagious to all those that work with her.”- JP

I admire Lori’s drive and commitment to her business. She has a vision of what she wants, then goes and gets it!” – Chris

Lori is an incredible business woman and has an undeniable passion for her business and this industry.” – Lindsey

“Lori’s intelligence, passion and commitment to anything she sets out to accomplish is truly one-of-a-kind. She is inspirational in more ways than I can count!” – Linsey

Lori is the multitasking-est multitasker that ever was!  Not enough hours in the day? No problem, she can do 10 things at once…efficiently and thoroughly…as well as guide the team and keep everyone afloat!  It’s fascinating and truly appreciated!” – Kari

One thing I really admire about Lori is her ‘go-getter’ attitude and her ability to make things happen. She devotes so much time and energy into her business and it definitely shows.” – Sarah

I admire Lori’s intelligence and leadership. She is an incredible boss to work for, extremely hard working and genuinely cares about her staff and clients.” – Ronald

“Lori is a great mentor and leader. It’s a pleasure working with her day in and day out.” –Alma

Happy Boss’s Day, Lori! Thanks for all you do.

– Team PC