Balancing a great career with raising a family is arguably the best “problem” one could ask for, though that’s not to say it’s anything short of challenging. For this week’s Five Things Friday, Ronald shares five tips for balancing those demanding work weeks with a busy family life. Check them out below!

1.) Communication: Communication is the foundation for any complex system, and balancing work and family life is no different. Maintaining an open line of communication with your supervisor proves to be key, especially when accommodating a family commitment may call for some wiggle room in your schedule. Communication can also be equally important when it comes to keeping in touch with your family throughout a work day. Oftentimes, I like to take a break at work and squeeze in a quick FaceTime call with my family. This helps me stay in the loop at home, and lets them know that while I am busy, they are still a priority.

2.) Organization: Balancing work and family demands can get hectic, which makes organization crucial – especially when expectations and responsibilities at work may seem tenfold at home. Personally, keeping lists of important dates and tasks somewhere easily accessible is key to helping me stay on top of the things that need to get done.

3.) Equity: Attempting to devote equal efforts to a work and home life may seem near impossible, but setting a goal that reflects that is a great step towards being successful at work, and having a peaceful and happy home life.  To start, consider taking stock of the things you find yourself devoting the most time to at work, and make sure you have the resources and training in place to be successful.  Sometimes, learning a new skill or simply asking for a little help can be the ticket to achieving greater stability in both areas.

4.) Gratitude: Positivity is key. No matter how stressful the days may get, making an effort to maintain a thankful, positive mindset is crucial. A good attitude at work goes a long way toward building relationships with your colleagues and supervisor, which ultimately paves the way for a less stressful work environment overall.  In the end, a positive outlook is the first step to perseverance and success.

5.) Balance: Find something you enjoy and commit a portion of your week to it. Oftentimes, we fail to make this a priority due to an already tight schedule, but creating a window of time for yourself can create a healthier, happier, more balanced you. For me, joining a fitness and performance group that meets three times a week was the perfect motivation to begin dedicating some time to doing something that I enjoy.  What could this motivation be for you?

If you have any of your own tips for balancing work and family life, we’d love to hear. Feel free to drop us a line!