It’s National Coffee Day, which means it’s a pretty exciting day at the PC office! Already big fans of daily coffee runs, we’re surely not going to let this holiday pass us by without celebrating. Check out some of the team’s go-to drinks when it’s time for a caffeine boost:

Lori: My go-to is a berry hibiscus refresher from Starbucks. It may not be coffee, but it does have caffeine in it – that kind of counts!

Lindsey: Old Soul at The Weatherstone. My go-to is usually a black coffee.

Alma: An Iced Americano from Starbucks. Nothing too exciting!

JP: My favorite coffee spot is Temple Coffee. When I lived in Midtown I would walk there all the time and get my caffeine fix. My usual go-to for coffee at work is Starbucks, just out of convenience.

Jessica: A Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks!

Kari: My everyday go-to right now is a cold brew – from Starbuck’s or Peet’s, it’s the easiest to access on work days. On weekends I prefer a good pour-over or French press from Temple or Blue Bottle. #coffeesnob

Ronald: My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks. There is a Starbucks around every turn, making it impossible to escape my go-to-drink – a triple shot of espresso on ice.

Sarah: I love Peet’s Coffee but since Starbucks is closest to the office, that’s my go-to when I need a coffee fix. When it comes to my drink order, I’m simple – one iced coffee with cream for me, please!

Linsey: I try and keep it simple with an iced coffee from Starbucks. I can’t pass up the Annihilator at Dutch Bros when it’s time to switch things up, though!

Dan: I think I have to go with Starbucks and their Green Tea Frappuccino.

What is your go-to coffee shop? Let us know and we may just see you there!