Being the newcomer in the office can be uncomfortable and often times, intimidating. That is definitely not the case at Prosio Communications. From my first interview to my first day, I have felt right at home. Of course, it always helps when you have an amazing work environment and one of the best and brightest minds in PR, (I’m looking at you Lori!) to learn from.

Having a career that I love is something that is very important to me, which is why after only three weeks I’m so confident in my decision to join Team Prosio. I feel lucky to be working with so many different personalities that all bring something to table. I’ve already witnessed the collaborative power of this company and how enthusiastic everyone is about making sure our clients are successful.

Even though we work hard, I’ve quickly learned that there’s no shortage of fun, either! While others may look forward to clocking out at the end of the day, I find myself looking forward to coming to work in the mornings. Everyone here has taken the time to make sure I’ve settled in okay and I think that’s what has stuck with me the most. It feels like I’m part of the family.

I’m proud to be the newest member of Prosio Communications and I’m eager to see where we will go!