As members of Team PC, not only are we professionals who take our jobs and clients’ wishes very seriously, but we are also one big happy family. We have each other’s backs, and we push each other to strive for excellence.
It would simply be an understatement to say that we have a strong company culture. When we show up to the office, we don’t show up to any old job – we show up to our professional paradise. While we work extremely hard every day, we also know how to have fun, and doing that makes it really easy to keep spirits high. If someone is having a rough day, we always count on another team member to go above and beyond to help out and lighten the load.

Here are 5 reasons why having a strong company culture is key to success:

1) Establishes hiring criteria. Sometimes, companies will overlook someone who might otherwise be a bad fit because the applicant’s resume is strong. If your company places a high value on its culture, don’t discount the importance of an applicant being a good fit for the environment, as well as having strong skills. In the end, the combo is much more likely to lead to long-term success for the both your company and your employees.

2) Attracts talent. When you love what you do, people notice. When you speak highly of your place of work to family, friends and other professionals, they will catch on. Establishing a culture that allows employees to love where they work is the key to sparking intrigue from others, and building a strong, reliable team.

3) Retains talent. If your company culture is strong, and morale is high, the chances of a talented team member leaving for greener pastures is significantly lower. With full time employees spending a minimum of 40 hours per week at work – and oftentimes, much more – a team member that loves their job is sure to stick around.

4) Creates passion. It’s an old cliché, but, if you do what you love, it won’t feel like work. If your employees enjoy coming to work every day, feel empowered, get to learn new skills and care about their peers, they are more likely to be passionate about what they do, and maintain a high level of productivity.

5) Solidifies bonds. A strong company culture often promotes positive connections between coworkers. If your team feels a bond with one another, collaboration and cooperation can only improve.

Is your company known for its unique culture? We’d love to hear about it!