2015 is already proving to be another busy year for Team PC–between meeting new clients, preparing for statewide campaign launches and still finding time to do teambuilding in between, our team members are constantly on their toes. Luckily, each of us have five favorite things that make our work weeks (dare we say it) fun and make our jobs as PR pros a bit easier.

Here are five things that get Kari through the work week:

1. Sparkling water. Since I’m “off the sauce” for Lent (oh, Diet Coke, how I miss thee), I am OD’ing on sparkling water. Although it’s sans caffeine, the carbonation does help ease the pain of being DC-free for the past 10 days, two hours and 22 minutes…but, who’s counting? (only 35 days more to go!)

2. Ed Sheeran Pandora Station. *Swoon*  While you’re certainly not alone in thinking that Ed Sheeran could double as an actor in a Harry Potter movie, there is absolutely no mistaking this man’s genius and talent. Throw in that soul-reaching voice (and those lyrics), interspersed with songs from other immensely talented singer/songwriters such as We Three Kings, Sam Hunt, Of Monsters and Men and more, and this station is the best prelude for my weekend. (Note: I have had to “thumbs down” some T. Swift songs, but only because there is a time and place for her…it’s just not in my Sheeran mix.)

3. AP Stylebook. #NERDALERT. Even though this should be a staple for any PR pro, this is a non-clever way to include “work” in my #FiveThingsFriday post so that everyone thinks: “Geez, that chick just oozes PR!” (I mean, you can certainly think that, but it’s not my reason for including it.)  I spend a good portion of my time writing, proofing and editing, and this book helps keep me on my AP Style toes. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a slight departure from the grammar addiction that is in my English major DNA, but it does make publication and broadcast editors happy. Even if I do often wonder what the Oxford comma ever did to anyone to render it obsolete.

4. 2% (or “two percent” if you were paying attention to my number three thing) 911 from Dutch Bro’s, bro!  I don’t live particularly near a Dutch Bro’s, so I don’t get to partake in the drive-through nectar as often as I’d like. (Um, hi…drama queen much?) But on Fridays, either after the gym or en route to the office, I make a quick off-trail trip. It may not have the best coffee, but it’s a great company that does a lot of charitable things and employs some pretty energetic folks (or maybe just highly-caffeinated individuals). The vibe just works for me…and the fact that the “911” has six shots of espresso certainly raises its profile.

5. All my rowdy Framily. I’m lucky enough to have family I can call friends, and friends I can call family. I’m surrounded by these folks not only in person and in thought, but also in my shelf-shrine.  Posed shots, action shots, tchotchke mementos, my desk is flooded with happy memories and smiling faces. It doesn’t hurt that they are all ready to meet me for a drink when said #FiveThingsFriday wraps up for a little friend I like to call: ONE MILLION OPTIONS WEEKEND!  Join me, shall you?