One of the things that we love most here at PC is our diverse list of clientele and projects.  Never ones to back down from a challenge, we love being kept on our toes with whatever project may be coming our way next.  While that’s usually enough to keep us motivated throughout the week, we thought we’d share some of the other things that help us stay inspired, driven, and on top of our game. If you or your team could use a boost in motivation, we encourage you to take a look at some of our suggestions below. Feel free to share some of your own tips, too!

  1. Grab lunch with a coworker. A quick 30 minutes out of the office can do wonders, especially if it gives you an opportunity to catch up with a coworker. If you can manage to get the whole team together – even better!
  2. Try out a new coffee spot. If you’re like any of the PC team members, nothing can cheer you up quite like a great cup of coffee. Switching up the usual routine for a new spot is a great way to spice up your day and add something new to the mix – while getting that much needed caffeine boost, of course.
  3. Spoil yourself. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing those cute desk accessories at Target, or that perfect little notebook that you’re sure is going to make you more organized. Sometimes spoiling yourself with these fun items for the workplace is the perfect way to not only spruce up your space, but provide you with a little boost in motivation, too.
  4. Set goals. Who says resolutions must be limited to the start of a new year? Creating new goals periodically gives you a chance to reevaluate and refocus your efforts. The satisfaction of accomplishing small daily or weekly goals often provides just enough motivation to power through the week like a champ.
  5. Challenge yourself. In the midst of your goal setting, consider ways in which you can switch things up by challenging yourself with a new task or expanding your skillset. You’ll likely find yourself feeling refreshed, and may even discover a new talent along the way!

Happy Motivation Monday from Team PC!