We all have our regular laundry list of New Year’s resolutions—lose weight, save money, floss more, etc.  But a great thing about resolutions is that they aren’t limited to one’s personal life; they can be a great tool to help you improve in the workplace, too. Below are the Prosio team’s resolutions for 2015. Feel free to hold us to them, and share your own workplace resolutions with us below!

“In 2015, I want to work smarter, acquire new skills, and cultivate more relationships. I am going to master tools such as Excel and Publisher. Also, I am going to try and bring my lunch every day, so I can eat healthier, save money, and drive less.” – Ronald

“Always get my blog posts done on time.” – Jennie

“I am determined to master the secret tips and tricks of Excel. I know there are some hidden gems in there that are going to make my life much, much easier!” – Linsey

“I won’t wait until the 29th of December to clean my desk or clear out my email Inbox!” – Lori

“I want to develop my public speaking skills and get more involved with young professional group, Ignite. I also vow to stop allowing my empty coffee mugs to stack up on my desk!” – Lindsey

“To be more organized!” – Chris

We’ll see you in 2015—happy New Year!