The day I received confirmation that I was hired at Prosio Communications, I tried to remain calm as I conversed with Kari about the details of my new position. Politely, I expressed my gratitude followed by an excited farewell, pressed “call end” on my phone, and then I screamed, growled, and yelled all at once, flexing fist pumps galore–kind of like a touchdown dance.  (Okay, just like a touchdown dance.) I felt like I just won some sort of championship. I was pumped from Day One to have an opportunity to work with great clients as part of a dynamic and talented team. My first few weeks have been even better than I imagined, and the victory dances have continued.

It did not take long to notice that good things are happening here at PC. It is an exciting time to be a part of our company’s growth. Just in my first two weeks, we have celebrated three new clients. Although I like to think that I am good luck, winning this new business is a testament to the hard work and public relations expertise that this team has been producing for years. Everything I read that’s been authored by our team inspires me, and the fact that our clients are amazing people, championing great causes, only makes me more energized about coming to work each day.

I definitely think I fit in here. Everyone works really hard, but has fun, too. The office culture is serious which I love, but comic relief is embraced, which I also adore. I think we all share a healthy caffeine habit and every single one of my team members would be awesome to hang out with outside of the office. Most importantly, everyone communicates superbly and sincerely wants to help each other out. My first few weeks have been awesome–thanks, everyone.