Whether we’re blasting our favorite tunes during our morning commutes or jamming out in our cubicles, listening to music helps the PC staff power through the work week. Here are some of our current favorites that make working 8-5 go by a little bit faster. Rock on, friends–and be sure to share what song is getting you through the work day with us!

Kari: “L.A. Love” by Fergie…the dang “LA LA LA LA LAs” are catchy!!

Linsey: “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. While not necessarily a favorite, I have yet to get in the car without hearing this one on the radio. I’m starting to develop a forced appreciation for this catchy tune!

Ronald: Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.” I was thinking of songs to search on Spotify the other day and I remembered this great Stevie Wonder song from an old Willy Santos skate video part that I used to love. I have been blasting this song in traffic for the last few days and I have to tell you, it is a feel good jam that can make approximately 3 minutes of your commute actually enjoyable.

Lindsey: Definitely “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. It’s got such a great, upbeat vibe–I’ve been listening to it every morning this week!

Jennie: “Chandelier” by SIA. I just can’t stop picturing Jimmy Kimmel trying to replicate the little girl in the music video. #BurnedInMyBrain (Watch Jimmy’s rendition here…and be prepared to laugh!)

Chris: The song that is stuck in my head is “Bad Blood” by Bastille. Heard it first thing this morning and it won’t leave my brain today. Not sure why but it’s somewhat haunting. Reminds me of some friends from  high school.

Alma: “Dirt” by Florida Georgia Line. It’s catchy and reminds me of life in the country!